Gorno Buzz: Actress In The News (August 2012)

Amanda Fuller Stars Alongside Tim Allen In Last Man Standing: Season 2


Casting News is always intensely covered and with Amanda Fuller joining sitcom “Last Man Standing” in Season 2, there will be a wave of adoring eyes trained on her. Fresh off her stint on “Grey’s Anatomy” and guesting on “Scandal”, Amanda takes over from Alexandra Krosney as the eldest daughter of Tim Allen’s manly father figure Mike Baxter. One of the most versatile actresses of her generation, Amanda has been outstanding, from her brilliant intensity in “Red, White & Blue” and building a reputation as an indie darling to branching into comedy territory, she’s profoundly watchable. Add her genial personality and it’s fitting, we are fully enthused when she makes an appearance on our screens.

Must Watch Hottie in 2012 and Beyond: Natalie Victoria


Immensely Stunning is how I would describe Natalie Victoria, an ebullient sweetheart in more ways than one. One of the busiest actresses with more than 6 features in the pipeline, she’s genuinely drop dead gorgeous be it on film, print and on the red carpet. If ever that was anyone who could take over the mantle of the glamorous actresses from the golden years, Natalie would be that gal. Her dual-role as love interest and zombie bride in the hit ‘Walking Dead’ comedy “Deadheads” got her on everyone’s radar and has seen her becoming a highly sought-after talent. Granted many will be addicted to her as I’ve been over the past few months so if you have a thing for talented blondes, Natalie’s a Hot Pick…:)

Horror Starlets Will Make Everyone’s Day @ Bowling For Boobies 2012


What better than to see a bevy of beauties doing their part for a worthy cause! That’s right horror starlets are joining hands in show of support for the Busted Foundation in aid of women with breast cancer requiring financial support. Start Drooling at these amazing ladies:

Natalie Victoria – “Deadheads” Darling (told you she’s highly fancied).
Kristina Klebe – Sexy Vixen of “Halloween” Fame.
Ashlynn Yennie – Leading Lady from “The Human Centipede” movies.
Allison Kyler – Scream Queen from “ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2”.
Brooke Lewis – Star & Creator of the “Ms. Vampy” Series
Carlee Baker – Sex Bomb from “The Woman”
Cerina Vincent – Enticing Cutie from “Cabin Fever”
Sarah Butler – Horror Princess from “I Spit On Your Grave”
Barbara Nedeljakova – Enchanting Babe from “Hostel”

I am in awe of every one of these luscious girls and so will you!

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