Canadian Vixen: Olivia Andrup

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It’s a saucy debut bound to stimulate emotions and OLIVIA ANDRUP sparkles on her very first big screen outing. Courtesy of one of the steamiest sex scenes on film in the drug-fuelled “Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy”, she’ll leave you on a high. Potently sexy as the impressionable Hazel in her tasty school uniform, she proceeds to bed the leading man amidst throbbing beats and hallucinogens. Some may argue the case of bordering on exploitation yet “Ecstasy” is based on Irvine Welsh’s novel whose earlier book turned film, “Trainspotting” became such a memorable phenomenon. Pretty sure no one trivialized the astonishing content so let’s judge every film on its merits and the performances of the cast namely OLIVIA. Tender of age and promising, she was a standout during her time at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.

While she’s still at a fledgling stage in her career, OLIVIA’s already been hailed as an alluring newcomer by controversial writer Irvine Welsh himself. In fact, she and Kristin Kreuk both exude temptation in the movie version of his 1996 bestseller Ecstasy. Read up on this charmer at the OLIVIA ANDRUP BLOG where she goes by the endearing nickname Ollie…:) We certainly don’t need any coaxing to adore her for this upcoming starlet has the precocious sweetness to be your crush…:)

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