Rising Starlet: Jenni Halina


The focus on exciting prospects continues with the beautiful JENNI HALINA who is congenial as she is bewitching. Through her mutual friend and fellow actress Kandis Erickson, we became acquainted after she spotted my article on Kandis. These 2 divine ladies are also co-stars in the upcoming indie film “Love You More” which is in post production. Even if the trailer (above) is lacking JENNI’s part in the romantic drama, there’s enough to suggest her role will be one to look forward to. JENNI and me have been in constant contact despite our busy schedule and she’s been ever so kind in updating me on her career progression. Thus far JENNI has garnered rave reviews for her role as a seductive mistress in the play called “The Inventor, The Escort, The Photographer, Her Boyfriend and His Girlfriend.” It’s written by Matt Morillo, and it’s a hilarious sex comedy playing at the Lounge Theater in Hollywood.

If you head over to the JENNI HALINA OFFICIAL SITE, you’ll discover her array of talents as a model, singer and guitarist. Her stripped-down cover of Deftones “RX Queen” is music to everyone’s ears judging from the comments she’s received on Youtube. This raven-haired siren from New York currently plies her music under the name Girl in Dreamland and that gorgeous voice is as luscious as JENNI herself. It’s a pleasure to thrust a fresh face into the spotlight and JENNI HALINA might just be the Dream Girl you’ve been searching for…:)

9 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Jenni Halina

  1. Lovely voice! Que linda! Like the girl next door and then she can be a bombshell. I maybe english bad. I’ve seen her work in small thi gs I want see more .


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