Quirky Saucy: Hannah Fierman

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Actresses can sometimes leave a most memorable impression and HANNAH FIERMAN is more than capable of beguiling a healthy cross-section of admirers. Her performance in “V/H/S” is startling yet has us hooked especially when she’s switches from mysterious to sheer rage. As Lily, a woman who is more than meets the eye, she accepts sexual overture from three unsuspecting guys looking to film an amateur porn video and proceeds to rip them to shreds in sickening fashion. Just like how “Detention” forever changed the slasher genre, “V/H/S” reinvents the wheel when it comes to found footage horror flicks. HANNAH of course is a standout in the creepy film and with her fascinatingly big eyes, she’s a magnetic enigma to be fondly remembered for the longest time.

You may have also spotted her on TV guest-starring on an episode of “The Vampire Diaries” as well as “The Game”. News in from the actresses herself: She’s slated to star in 2 features, first as Laura, one of the 2 leads in the film “Carmella” by director Bret Wood. In September, she will dazzle in “Hold Me” by director Teace Snyder playing the lead role of Hannah. She’s indicated that both are dark but wonderful stories in keeping with the kind of roles HANNAH stunningly thrives at…:) Visit the HANNAH FIERMAN OFFICIAL SITE and you’ll find her distinctive looks to be intoxicating. She’s a hot prospect who is expected to be a scene stealer.

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