TV Vixens Garnering Buzz This Fall in 2012

Kate Kelton as the Unforgettable Seductress Martine Mahler in “Bullet In The Face”


Kate Kelton is a regular fixture on the Actress Obsession Blog precisely because she’s magnificently eye-catching. Revolutionizing an array of looks in her career, her latest is one to remember where she’s the femme fatale alongside the funny Eddie Izzard in “Bullet In The Face”. They’re the perfect match, volleying tirades at each other and even gets entangled in fight scenes. There’s elements of Kill Bill and at times larger than life comic book characters, reminding me that Sin City has descended on television. It’s a stroke of genius to have the enticing Kate Kelton on board this amazingly darkly-humored new series.

Dana Delorenzo as the Cool Jersey Girl Shauna DiCanio in “The Mindy Project”

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When it comes to good writing and casting, one can always depend on Mindy Kaling. In her new show “The Mindy Project”, Dana Delorenzo plays a self-assured Jersey Girl who is indifferent to Mindy, always knows where the cool parties and carries a torch for one of the leading man. It’s going to be mighty interesting to see how the relationship between these two gals evolve. Dana of course is well known as an Amy Winehouse impersonator with her tribute band House Of Wineshouse. Now she steps into the spotlight with a role that could turn her into one an emerging starlet everyone should starting talking about.

Jessica Clark as the Vampish Lilith in “True Blood”


Her sensational entrance into the world of “True Blood” as Lilith is as breathtaking as it is bloody. Kudos to British actress Jessica Clark for going all the way and full frontal in portraying a majestic force of the Vampire Goddess. As she has shown previously on the TV drama “Chemistry”, she has the confidence to carry a scene that requires nudity and Jessica does indeed have a lithe, alluring figure to enchant a generation of viewers. Just like how she hypnotized the legion of vamps including Bill Compton and Eric Northman, so will this exotic temptress sizzle in the coming months.

Betsy Rue as the Super Heroine Libra in “Femme Fatales”

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She’s already been irresistible once before in the horror flick “My Bloody Valentine” and now Betsy Rue turns everyone on yet again as the costumed vigilante Libra on “Femme Fatales”. This Blonde Bombshell does look super hot in the body-hugging super heroine outfit and Besty can certainly deliver all the right moves. If they are working on choosing the sexiest women list for 2012, Miss Betsy is deserving of a spot on it. Not only is she overwhelmingly saucy, she’s also known as one of the nicest actresses to talk with, proving her desirability on all fronts. We can’t wait to watch her sizzle our world in the near future!

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