Sizzling Cutie: Jennifer Robyn Jacobs

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Acknowledging new talents is something I’m passionate about and JENNIFER ROBYN JACOBS is a gal who could turn out to be a future indie darling. With her pixie hair and demure features, JENNIFER’s desirability is obvious. Even in the grainy scenes from her film “100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck”, one can pick out how photogenic she is onscreen. She plays Jen who is part of a TV Crew investigating a paranormal incident at the infamous townhouse where Richard Speck slaughtered several women. As a ghost hunter of sorts, JENNIFER projected a sense of believability and excel in the suspenseful moments up till the final reel. So as not to divulge anything, I urge you to watch the movie to know her fate! The found footage genre never seems to cease amazing the ever-growing fan base.

Found it strange that IMDB has stopped its Fresh Faces Of The Week segment but that leaves a nice opportunity for me to heap praise on up and coming actresses like JENNIFER. You can also keep up with the latest updates at the JENNIFER ROBYN JACOBS OFFICIAL SITE. She will soon appear in a tense drama “Threading Needles” about inter-racial love as the paramour of a young African man. Cultural prejudices and the hard-hitting reality of forbidden love is explored from a fresh yet truthful context. Great to see JENNIFER in a heartfelt role and there’s plenty more to come from this exquisite newcomer.

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