Sexy Siren: Susan Gallagher

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With new TV shows comes the chance to cast our eyes on hot women and SUSAN GALLAGHER has a charming magnetism everyone will love. She of course stars in “The Inbetweeners”, the US remake of the hit British teen comedy as Mrs Cooper, the mum of Simon, who together with his friends are socially awkward yet very horny teens. If her character is based on the British version of Mrs Cooper, expect to see a stern but supportive mother who is sometimes the chagrin to her son Simon. Just like the Brit sitcom, you will notice that there seems to be a fascination with the “Milfs” on the show for they do possess their brand of desirability. Together with her peer Christine Scott Bennett who plays Polly McKenzie, they’ll be talked about fervently I’m sure. It’ll be interesting to see SUSAN’s story arc as Mrs Cooper throughout the coming season.

If there’s one facet that tips the scale when it comes to admiring SUSAN, it has to be her persuasively sweet smile. Don’t chide us if I have a thing for mature beauties onscreen for their appeal is timeless as a majority of viewers will agree in unison. Why not drop by the SUSAN GALLAGHER OFFICIAL SITE where you’ll get to view clips of her appearances on television as well as several indie features. Besides dazzling in Season 2 of “Breakout Kings” and “Treme”, she can be seen in an array of indie dramas. More than ever, there’s plenty to be passionate about when it comes to extolling the talents of Miss SUSAN GALLAGHER.

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