Hot Comedienne: Leslie Meisel

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If ever there is a funny woman to be enamored with, the adorable LESLIE MEISEL would get a resounding vote. Back in 2010-2011, she starred in the sold-out show “Love Can Suck A Dick…And So Can I”, the title itself and her fantastic improv amassing a string of admirers. In 2012, LESLIE’s hilarious ode (by way of a nerdy, groovy dance) to the bride in “Bachelorette” yet again warrants our engrossment. Check it out at the 2:18 mark of the trailer (above) and you’ll see LESLIE is a natural when it comes to making us chuckle inside and out. She has just as much comedic flavor to offer as stalwarts Lizzy Caplan or Isla Fisher and TV viewers may have also seen her alongside Alec Baldwin in an episode of “30 Rock”.

A genuine charmer, she is finely honed in the art of entertaining us with clever, unrestrained humor and she’s starring in 2 high-profile features, although appearing in a dramatic capacity. First up is the biopic “Kill Your Darlings” centered on great poets of the 1940s with Daniel Radcliffe and after that a romantic drama “In Lieu of Flowers” that’s headlined by Spencer Grammer of “Greek” fame. It will be interesting to see how she handles more staid material onscreen. A visit to the LESLIE MEISEL OFFICAL SITE is a detailed insight into the comedic talent who has been talked about as a white Whoopi Goldberg! Just as she has impressed regularly on the stage of the UCB Theatre, she’s exhibiting her multi-dimensional, one-woman amusement vigor to the world.

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