Sizzling Cutie: Nikki Deloach

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Down-to-earth radiance and sweet sexiness exemplifies the allure of NIKKI DELOACH. She is famed for playing Lacey Hamilton, mother of Jenna, her trying hard to fit-in teenage daughter in the hit series “Awkward”. From getting breast implants to her sometimes slutty ways, NIKKI dazzles as the superficial mom saddled with the responsibility of raising a child even though she’s pretty much clueless. If you wanted a true representation of how someone can be a child’s worst nightmare, then NIKKI rouses every time she’s in character, infusing Lacey with the perceptible traits of an immature woman who borne a child way too early. Check her out on TV in the upcoming episode “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me”. “Awkward” is a smart comedic series and we have to praise Nikki as well as Ashley Rickards for entertaining us with their offbeat yet adorable charms.

I have to admit I first fell in love with NIKKI after watching “The Net 2.0”, a sequel to Sandra Bullock’s action-thriller “The Net”. She’s so genial that everyone would love nothing more than be her savior onscreen (even though as the heroine, she saved herself through savvy instincts). Since then she’s starred in several quirky dramas and had a stint on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “The Ringer” as the smart and foxy exotic dancer Shaylene Briggs. In addition to her versatility, she’s certifiably one of the most humble actresses on the planet and to receive a note that she’ll retweet and get the message out about the Actress Obsession Blog is a dream come true! There’s nothing better than returning the love by raving about NIKKI DELOACH who is fabulously talented and beguilingly engaging.

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