Watch These Dazzling Actresses @LA Shorts Fest 2012

Mary Mackey in “The Way The World Ends”

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What better than to celebrate the elegance of actress/model Mary Mackey who many will agree to be a joy to behold each time she graces the screen. On the independent front, she’s making a name for herself with several features set to spur viewers into having an affinity for her. This captivating blue-eyed blonde is appearing in “The Way The World Ends”, yet another unique take on last days of Earth. One-half of a married couple, Mary’s character Susan and her husband wakes up one morning to find the world outside their window to be empty and gray. The always gorgeous Mary has an illuminating presence in this story and she’s expected to bring heart and ensures we’ll remember her performance even after the film’s end.

LA Shorts Fest: “The Way The World Ends” is screening on September 13.

Katie O’ Grady in “Hot In The Zipper”


If you’re looking for an awe-inspiring talent who is acclaimed as an Indie Darling, fixate on the lovely Katie O’ Grady. She’s the producer and leading lady of the comedy “Hot In The Zipper” set in the 1940s regaling the love life of 3 women. Apparently the film title is the slang for horny which should get a whole lot of people excited. Just as she did fascinating audiences in the hit black comedy “Rid Of Me”, Katie tantalizes as a cosmetics counter girl with ten boyfriends and a lesbian roommate. She certainly has both a beguiling face and persona. Reading on facebook that she acknowledges my constant support for actresses is a thrill! If you’ve a fan of “Grimm”, don’t forget to check her out as a FBI Agent investigating brutal murders.

LA Shorts Fest: “Hot in the Zipper” is screening on September 12.

Abby Wathen in “She,Who Excels In Solitude”


She is a regular on the Actress Obsession Blog and with sound reason for the ebullience of Abby Wathen knows no bounds be it on or off screen. Engaging and pleasingly watchable, she’s more than capable of portraying the depth required across genres. In “She, Who Excels In Solitude”, Abby takes on leading lady duties as Nora Hansen, a nurse who meets Ms. Johnson, a civilian pilot during NASA’s clandestine testing of 25 female astronaut trainees. Her role is one where she’s an expectant mother of an unwanted child who as a result has her dreams to become a physician dashed coinciding with her new companion’s growing aspirations. This cutie’s all-round charms are destined to be perceptibly fawned over…:)

LA Shorts Fest: “She, Who Excels In Solitude” is screening on September 8.

Jaimi Page in “Jehovah’s Badass”


Get to know the rising star that is Jaimi Paige who by know should be on everyone’s radar after impressing first on “The Mentalist” and the festival favourite “The Last King Blood”. While we still can’t get hold of the trailer revealing some juicy insight into her latest feature “Jehovah’s Badass”, this has the makings of a impressive comedy. It’s the journey of young Jehovah’s Witness decides turning park and realizes it takes more than an anti-establishment subculture to save the world. While there’s scant news on what capacity Jaimi will partake in “Jehovah’s Badass”, it’s certain she’s the sweetheart who will be coveted in due time. If a smile is worth thousands of affection then Miss Jaimi has one so rapturous.

LA Shorts Fest: “Jehovah’s Badass” is screening on September 6.

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