Sizzling Cutie: Ginny Glaser

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There’s something about INDIE darlings that so often sparks avid interest and the very photogenic GINNY GLASER is so divine from head to toe that we instinctively approve. You’ll stop and admire longingly after a glance at this ravishing brunette as she enchants be it on screen or on print even in black and white (check out the first pic above). She was magnetic as a figure of dark seductiveness in the fast-paced thriller “Pinching Penny”, depicting the role of Teddi to a tee as she is the film’s cynical femme fatale. Her interpretation of a woman manipulating men to do her bidding is manic yet entertaining every step of the way. There’s nothing I love better then embracing fresh talents who are so naturally attractive.

Visit the GINNY GLASER OFFICIAL SITE and find out that her hotness go beyond the visual, having been a radiant singer throughout her career. One can certainly get addicted to this dark-haired vixen the same way those two impressionable Brits exhibited in “Pinching Penny”, ensuring its recent release on DVD will be eagerly watched. GINNY is a face we won’t mind seeing repeatedly and I reckon her alluring eyebrows has sexiness written all over. It’s time to get in touch with this beauty with bags of potential to be a blossoming star.

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