Sizzling Cutie: Laura Harrison

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A delectable hottie on a hit show! How can we not be transfixed on LAURA HARRISON who guest stars on the 1-hour Season Finale of the 8th season of Weeds. It’s true that brunettes rule on the often vulgar dark comedy led by who else but cheeky and saucy Mary-Louise Parker otherwise known as the anti-heroine Nancy Botwin. The same can be said of Ms. LAURA HARRISON who has an expressively charming face, warranting a beloved response from people who know and have seen her performed. The climatic 2-in-1 episode sees LAURA as Cinnamon, one of the loyal disciples of Guru Doug who extols the virtues of being a “concubine” in his cult to Natasha Lyonne’s trashy love interest of Shane, Nancy’s son. Got to love LAURA’s deadpan delivery, funny yet precisely representative of the way cult followers are programmed to be almost robotic in their behavior, answering to the whims of their leader.

By now, you may have already seen “Jersey Shore Shark Attack”, the Jersey Shore meets Jaws parody in wich LAURA starred as D’Angela, displaying her sensual facets onscreen in a bed scene and on the beach in the purple bikini. Visit the LAURA HARRISON OFFICIAL SITE to get a taste of how enticing she can be and you’ll also realize, she brings a slice of her comely personality into the role. Her next feature “Your Friends Close” which is an independent science fiction feature-length drama centering on two video game designers-slash-lovers is tipped to be a fascinating piece. With many pointing how her smile has provoked quite the admiration, she’s going to be the center of attention soon enough.

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