Indie Princess: Tommee May


She’s been a part of festival favorites such as “Yellow” which premiered at TIFF 2012 as well as Sundance Feature “Goats” starring David Duchovny and Vera Fermiga. TOMMEE was one of the producers on “GOATS” and can also be seen as Fiona who comes across the offbeat drama’s protagonist Ellis (played by Graham Phillips) at a liquor store. If you’ve seen the hit 80s sitcom “Family Ties”, you would be familiar with Justine Bateman and from what I’ve seen, Miss Tommee May channels a similar effusive foxiness. Her wide smile and wondrous eyes has a unique flavor that would win over any moviegoer. Active in independent films and off broadway plays, she also created a very funny web series called THE ONE ‘N DONE about two friends who can’t catch a break when it comes to finding their perfect match. Watch her as Jamie, the unlucky in love gal who has a habit of misunderstanding the intentions of her dates, often resulting in humorous situations.

TOMMEE is in the throes of producing the movie “Illusion” and with a premise which will challenge one’s perception of truth, it could very well be a sleeper hit when released. In the mean time, drop by the TOMMEE MAY OFFICIAL SITE to see her latest reel containing her scene from “Goats”. She’s also one of the friendliest actresses around which would endear herself to viewers who’ve have come to admire indie darlings.

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