Indie Princess: Carrie Madariaga

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CARRIE MADARIAGA has the distinction of being the First Luiseno Native American actress featured on this blog and she’s an actress/film-maker who is synonymous with the word ‘Captivation’. Encompassing the spirit of ingenuity, she stroked the fires of initiative within her and started building a reputation for Native Americans in TV and film. Her praiseworthy directorial debut will be screeened this Friday, Sep 28 at the Native American Shorts Program and previously premiered at the LA Skins (a native American film festival) Fest to much acclaim. Starring as Coda, a scientist with a questionable reputation, her corruptible soul hidden by a veneer of righteousness. You may have also seen her on the hit show “Weeds” which was her maiden appearance on TV albeit in more light-hearted fashion. In fact, she’s tipped to dazzle in the arena of comedy.

In 2012, CARRIE wrote and directed a sitcom called “Eagle Falls” about a group of young adults living on the Rez aka Reservation which draws comparisons to “Friends”. Currently, this brunette sizzler is also shooting a reality pilot called “living native” about the daily lives of native Americans today. If her versatility on and off camera astounds you, then her lusciousness will lead to a bout of constant enthrallment. From her gorgeous skin tone and curvaceous bod to her magnetic smile, this is the time when appreciative gestures are devoted to the beautiful soul of CARRIE MADARIAGA.

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