Sexy Siren: Tonantzin Carmelo

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One of the sexiest brunettes in the industry, TONANTZIN CARMELO is certain to be seen as a fascinating performer in the months ahead. In “Shouting Secrets”, the drama about the fragility of love, TONANTZIN who won Best Actress at the American Indian Film Festival plays the old flame of leading man Wesley (Chaske Spencer of Twilight: Breaking Dawn fame). Just as she did in previous films such as “Shadowheart” and “Thunder Heart Woman”, hers is a laudable performance, embracing her culture while at the same time warming our hearts. Seeing how alluring TONANTZIN has always been on the red carpet, expect her to do the same at this year’s San Diego Film Festival. Fondness is fast growing for indigenous actresses such as Tonantzin who represents the burgeoning talent pool of Native American starlets.

It’s the cue to visit the TONANTZIN CARMELO OFFICIAL SITE and read up on the films she’s been in. I myself was reminded of seeing her for the first time in the creature feature ‘Unearthed” (part of the AfterDark Horror Fest) as a biologist getting into grips with an unnatural occurrence. It’s great to finally connect with her after all this time for she’s heading on the path of becoming an indie sweetheart. Everyone knows how I admire them and TONANTZIN comes with a sweet foxiness which is unmissable…:)

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