Ravishing Redhead: Meg Chambers Steedle

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Thank you to HBO for introducing us to the delectable MEG CHAMBERS STEEDLE who in one fell swoop has become Television’s newest turn-on. Two episodes into Season 3 of “Boardwalk Empire” and MEG has got us roundly aroused, no doubt precipitated by her on-screen nudity as the vixen Billie Kent, lover of Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson (Steve Buscemi). Yet she’s more than just about flaunting skin, bringing to life the foxy Billie with a hypnotic appeal which for so many around the globe will become a major addiction. She does have the right look to be a gorgeous flapper from the 1920s and her interpretation is a tease on a very likable level. If given the chance I’m sure fans would line up the Boardwalk to meet this sexy and endearing rising starlet. Even though she’s only been in a handful of features, she’s shown enough to suggest her time in the limelight is fast approaching.

In one of the interviews, she reveals how her bedroom scenes were a bone of contention but her professionalism shone through and one can only show respect towards her for taking the plunge. It has paid dividends as MEG has enthralled every single time her dazzling self surfaces onscreen. She possesses a playful exuberance which has all the facets of a heart-breaker and still manages to subdue us into bouts of infatuation. 2012 is looking to be the breakthrough year for this cute sizzler.

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