Hotties To Scream For @ Shriekfest 2012

Denise Gossett: Founder of Shriekfest

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Denise Gossett is the founder and creative force of Shriekfest 2012, an event that’s become synonymous with recognizing the best in horror/sci-fi as well as everything in between. She’s given LA and the world at-large a platform to give plaudits to some of the best features in the horror genre and an avenue to marvel at the endeavors of talented performers. Denise has cemented my love for blondes especially when she’s full of charm and one of the smartest women on the planet. She started Shriekfest back in 2001 and we have her to thank for 12 years of must watch entertainment from the dark side and beyond.

Katerina Mikailenko in “The Employer”


2 Big Reasons to watch “The Employer”! Foxy rising starlet Katerina Mikailenko and the legendary Malcolm McDowell…:) What a way to kick things off on the opening night of Shriekfest 2012 with the premiere of this edge of your seat thriller. 5 executives jostled for a job that may be the death of them. Katerina takes on the role of a tough chick thrown into a room with 4 other people hoping to score a most coveted vocation. Now who wouldn’t want to be trapped with the vivacious and sexy Katerina. Can she survive the clutches of one very cunning “The Employer”(Malcolm McDowell) and be the Final Girl?

Aubrey Mozino in “Blue Hole”

With the horror short Blue Hole having been accepted into 17 film festivals this year including Shriekfest, it means we get to be captivated by the ebullient Aubrey Mozino 17 times or I dare say more! Not that we’re complaining since she appears in the Jaws-like teaser of “Blue Hole” in suspenseful fashion, eventually getting dragged way by something or someone! You may have watched her on Youtube in the episode Live In 5-Nip Slip from her LIVE IN 5 web series which has close to 270,000 Views! Aubrey is certainly attracting the right sort of attention and awakening a steadily growing fascination among viewers.

Carolyn Jania in “The Sleepover”
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One can easily be entranced by the sweet smile of Carolyn Jania and this cutie could very well be dazzling festivals throughout the year. She’s appearing in the comedy horror short “The Sleepover” that tells of a town with what could be a life-changing secret. Carolyn’s part is a mystery but her vividly diverse looks (as can be seen in her reel) will be a big draw for even those who are just starting to admire this talented newcomer. According to numerous reviews, Carolyn is highly thought of as a controlled performer, constantly mesmerizing when depicting emotive aspects onscreen even at this early stage her career. Kudos!

Lauren Lakis in “House With 100 Eyes”


Intensely beautiful is what indie darling Lauren Lakis is all about and the diversity in her work is a shining example of the “soul” she often imbues in the characters from various features she’s done. Having dazzled recently in the creepy “Lovely Molly”, she appears in yet another gritty flick of snuff films and a twisted couple who conduct and records the gruesome killings. I’m talking about “House With 100 Eyes” another shocking entry in the torture porn genre. Her upcoming films such as the Lloyd Kaufman starrer “Horror House” and the very grim “American Girls” are going to be just as intriguing. To sum it up, Lauren is a beguiling prospect…:)

2 thoughts on “Hotties To Scream For @ Shriekfest 2012

  1. Katerina Mikailenko is most definitely a hottie to watch. The great thing is that she is a great actress as well! She kills it in “The Employer” all horror fans should check it out!

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