Sexy Siren: Jessica Blank

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JESSICA BLANK is going to be all the rage with her turn as sassy Deb Garretti Keenan on “Made In Jersey”, the newest drama to hit TV screens. The ensemble of stunning women in the smart, entertaining show is priceless with JESSICA joining Janet Montgomery (lead actress who plays her sister), Erin Cummings (Bonnie) and Donna Murphy (Mum Darlene) who rounds off the Garretti clan. Even though my efforts to connect with Miss Janet Montgomery didn’t pay off (she so kindly stated her online presence as being private), I will be eternally grateful to JESSICA for accepting me as a fan and friend. Her approachable personality is so desirable very much in keeping with her engaging and foxy presence on the first two episodes of “Made In Jersey”. Many would remember how she proved to be a temptation for Ted Danson in Season 1 of “Bored To Death” where she flaunted her enticingly svelte bod.

This multi-talented dazzler is also a writer and “The Exonerated”, a play she wrote is currently running again off-broadway, in a revival of its original run. The opening cast includes luminaries Stockard Channing, Delroy Lindo and Brian Dennehy with this week cast member being the always lovely Brooke Shields. She did pass me her detailed bio which for now I’m reserving for more future reviews on Miss Jessica. What is memorable for me as I’ve noticed through the years is how down to earth actresses such as JESSICA have been and everyone knows she’s slated to be a big star! Genial and gorgeous, JESSICA has the sweet attributes to make everyone adore her even more.

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