Rising Starlet: Joanna Ke

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Strikingly exquisite is how I would exemplify JOANNA KE and having come across photos of her at the premiere of “Find Me” at the Hollywood Film Festival 2012, she’s 100% beguiling. The industry needs more stunning, diverse faces like hers and when she graced the red carpet alongside Cristen Irene, another actress who I admire, it exhibited her passion for the independent scene. I first saw her in the horror flick “The Crypt” where she was part of a beautiful group of thieves hoping to cash in on jewelry hidden in the catacombs underneath their hometown. Of course they find out there’s a deadly price to pay with ghouls demanding their version of deathly repayment for the sacrilege. Notable as the panic-stricken tomb raider Adriana, JOANNA acquitted herself competently in the role.

A visit to the colorful JOANNA KE OFFICIAL SITE will let you into her world where she confidently pulls off a variety of looks. Having been in the spotlight as a model before her transition into acting, JOANNA’s exotic seductiveness is evident. Can you believe she was once too shy to step in front of the camera? We glad she did and one of her higher profile projects was in the Lifetime television miniseries “Maneater” opposite Sarah Chalke and Leisha Hailey. With Joanna now producing & writing her own projects, the very comely multi-faceted actress is blossoming along nicely…:)

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