Saucy Scream Queens @ Freakshow Film Fest 2012

Seregon O’Dassey & Lauren Lakis in “Witch’s Brew”

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Double the pleasure is always a good thing to go after and 2 enticing redheads in 1 feature is not to be missed. Especially when seductive sirens Seregon O’Dassey and Lauren Lakis are putting us under their spell. Both of course are portraying witches in the indie horror comedy “Witch’s Brew”. The amply busty Seregon as Dolores who is given the task of getting missing ingredients after a hex goes wrong and ravishing Lauren as Piper, one of the lead “wiccans” of an evil coven. These two women are exceptional and continue to amaze viewers be it in a low-budget film or otherwise, keeping us entranced at all times.

Ruby LaRocca in “Slaughter Daughter”


We adore Ruby LaRocca for her inclination to beguile our minds in some of the more twisted and bloody films this generation has ever seen. While she’s also in “Witch’s Brew”, her turn in the impressively terrifying-titled “Slaughter Daughter” will affirm she’s a rock star of the horror genre. Together with Nicola Fiore who is the demented murderess in “Slaughter Daughter”, blood-curling moments are not going to be far away. Such is the dedication of Ruby, she was seen on set sitting in a pool of blood for hours on end, fleshing out her character Apple who is a tad innocent. It’s only a matter of time before she’s crowned a cult queen!

Celina Jade in “I See You”

More and more we’re seeing multi-faceted talents around the globe and Celina Jade is an Asian vixen with eyes on the prize in various industries. Establishing herself as a singer/songwriter, model, martial artiste and actress, the Hong Kong starlet is immersing herself into horror as well. In “I See You”, she plays Melissa, a woman who has everything until something mysterious that lurks within her proximity threatens to take it all away. After “I See You” is her supporting role in “The Man With The Iron Fists” starring Hip-Hop Guru RZA and Lucy Liu. Chances are, Celina could herself follow in the footsteps of Foxy Lucy…:)

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