Foxy Femmes at ShockFest 2012

Devanny Pinn, Jessica Cameron and Sarah Nicklin in “The Black Dahlia Haunting”

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It’s gratifying to be able to watch a trio of uniquely alluring Scream Queens in 1 movie, each having their brand of sexiness to entice a generation of fans. Stars of “The Black Dahlia Haunting which premiers at ShockFest 2012, Devanny Pinn, Jessica Cameron and Sarah Nicklin are as a group mighty appealing. As individuals, we will find them enticing! Devanny is the ‘Horror Barbie’ with a style that’s described as edgy. Jessica Cameron is a Canadian vixen whose is touted as a blossoming talent. Sarah Nicklin who is an indie darling is fondly remembered for her work in “The Disco Exorcist”. That’s 3 potential newsmakers!

Nicole Travolta in “Orange Country Hill Killers”


Just heard Nicole Travolta has been nominated for Best Actress at ShockFest 2012 thanks to her riveting performance in “Orange County Hill Killers”. Certainly she’s in illustrious company alongside favorites Devanny Pinn and others who are also being featured right here. Nicole has to be doing something right since there’s growing recognition for her various appearances onscreen. She may be the niece of luminary John Travolta but this sweet brunette has made her own mark in the industry and has always been so down-to-earth. Spread the love for her as she’s a beguiling face everyone will have a soft spot for…:)

Hannah Levien in “Children Of Sorrow”

Having seen how Elizabeth Olsen wowed audiences in “Martha Marcy May Marlene”, it won’t be a surprise if Hannah Levien does likewise in another psychological drama about the influence of cults on people in “Children Of Sorrow”. As Ellen a woman who searches for answers after the disappearance of her sister, she delves headlong into what will become a dark journey to seek the truth. From the engrossing trailer, she’s channels a myriad of emotions which is pretty amazing. I’m a huge supporter of Australian talents and Hannah is proving her worth ever since her emergence in the US Market.

Jillian Murray and Jules Hartley in “Visible Scars”
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I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting one while the other I hope to meet someday. Jules Hartley who previously was a scene stealer in the HBO TV Series “Femme Fatales” has a supporting role in “Visible Scars”. I can say I was lucky to have met her on her stopover in Singapore during her trip across the globe and in person she’s every bit as captivating as she is on film. With Jillian Murray you know what you’re getting for she is a certified Sex Bomb. The leading lady of “Visible Scars” is a nominee for Sexiest Shockfest Sweetheart and she’s absolutely stunning. (I think we all remember her racy ways in the Wild Things: Foursome!)

Emily Spalding in “The One That Got Away”

Some actresses are so photogenic, they command attention from the get go and Emily Spalding is one such talent. Be it commercials or independent features, her looks will enthrall viewers without fail. What will fascinate further is her drive and ambition to make it big in an increasingly competitive entertainment biz. “The One That Got Away”, a quirky short about a serial killer who faces a conundrum when his prisoner escapes should be the platform for Emily to gain prominence. Not only is Emily immensely beautiful, the interesting roles Emily has essayed will lead to a devoted fanbase.

Jen Nikolaus in “Nowhere Road”

Jen Nikolaus is the hazel-eyed hottie with delectable curves who is making a name for herself in a series of Horror features. Don’t you adore actresses who can be cute and seductive at the same time, showcasing those very facets in the thrilling short “Nowhere Road” which re-invents the often seen slasher genre. Just when you thought things were straight-forward, Jen produces a twist in her role as the seemingly innocent Krin. In fact, her previous features such as “Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre” as well “The Victorville Massacre” has highlighted how we can’t get enough of her mesmerizing personality.

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