Indie Queen: Janet Ulrich Brooks

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From theater to indie features, there’s noteworthy moments by which JANET ULRICH BROOKS often will leave audiences and reviewers enamored. Described as being highly watchable, JANET’s spot on delivery of an assortment of characters has seen praise coming from within and outside the industry. Be it employing a foreign accent or navigating the challenges of portraying varied expressions, she’s done it all and at the same time held our attention. At the Hollywood Reel Indie Film Festival, she appears in “One Small Hitch”, a tale of unexpected passion between 2 childhood friends who try to fake a wedding engagement. Seeing how comedy is her forte, she’s certainly part of some funny moments on film and if you get a chance to see her onscreen, marvel at her flair as an entertainer. In “I Heart Shakey”, she does play up the qurkiness as a dictatorial manager Estelle Willinger who is a stickler when it comes to pets at her property.

If you’ve seen Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil, JANET’s interpretation of the villain in the family comedy is larger-than-life and eccentrically fascinating. JANET has a colorful and impressive career thus far, a true-blue talent on stage as well as the features she’s been in…:) Having signaled her intention to meet me in future, I wouldn’t hesitate to take her up on the offer.

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