Hotties Dazzling Christmas 2012

Carrie Genzel in “The Wishing Tree”

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One of the most intensely gorgeous faces in the industry, Carrie Genzel is a Canadian talent who often is compelling as she is lovely. Her new movie “A Wishing Tree”, another Hallmark Channel favorites sees her tackling the role of Amanda Breen, a domineering woman whose son is a little bit of a troublemaker. That is until the Christmas spirit brings out family bonding and everyone remembers that love is really the most important emotion one can have in life. From TV shows (my fav being her appearance on “Femme Fatales” as a devious doctor) to big screen features, CARRIE has always been incredibly striking!

Christina DeRosa in “Christmas Twister”

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Words can only partly describe how much of a Sex Symbol Christina DeRosa is and it’s best to be in awe of her by watching the heat she can generate in the performances she’s given. This olive-skinned Mediterranean goddess with the voluptuous curves is starring in the movie “Christmas Twister”. Despite its grim content when a swarm of Texas tornadoes levels family man Ethan Walker’s (Casper Van Dien) home on Christmas Eve, hope and courage rings true as he searches to save his loved ones. Conversant in a variety of genres, Christina is taking on the mantle of rising starlet and looks likely to amass a big following.

Elaine Hendrix in “Anything But Christmas”
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As an actress, she’s done 3 Christmas movies thus far and keeps getting foxier every time we watch her onscreen. A true beauty in every sense of the word, Elaine continues to be at the forefront of fascination on celluloid as well as on the social activism front. In the TV Movie “Anything But Christmas”, she stars as Grace who is head over heels in love with Christmas and polar opposite to her holiday-phobic love interest John. The question is will their love endure? What is certain is that fans have firmly fallen for Elaine over the years and personally for me, her sweetbedroom eyes makes Elaine that extra special in our hearts.

Shelby Janes in “A Star For Christmas”

To be passionate in promoting the work of independent actresses is something I’m truly fond of which is why Shelby Janes will be dear to my heart. Right here, I’m doing my part to give kudos to women who are dedicated in the pursuit of their craft and highlighting their very own distinctive gifts to the wider public. Just like how the mutant-horror film ‘ALBINO FARM’ introduced Miss Shelby to a viewer like me, it’s great that a holiday piece like “A Star For Christmas” can elevate her profile. Just like the word “Star” in her latest film, Shelby should be looked up as one for being pure and appealing.

Elisabeth Röhm in “A Christmas Kiss”

If ever there was a popular lady in TV and Movie Land then Elisabeth Röhm would be one of the first to be exalted every time. The star of “Law and Order”, “Heroes” and “The Client List” is the Blonde Bombshell who is endowed with the sexy radiance that arouses the senses till today. In the romantic comedy “A Christmas Kiss”, Elisabeth is Priscilla Hall, a famed designer whose love life gets complicated when her assistant starts having a thing for her boyfriend. Will she lose her man this Christmas? Does it matter she’s not always the object of affection onscreen when she’s consistently proven to be so swoon-worthy.

Nikki Deloach in “Golden Christmas 3”

Nikki plays a matchmaker in the romantic tale “Golden Christmas 3” and yet again she’s a scene stealer as she has done on the hit TV series “Awkward”. Being a huge fan of cute actresses, it’s natural to feel an affinity for Miss Nikki Deloach whose sassy personality both on and camera is a delight. As Lacey Hamilton on “Awkward”, she’s regarded by many as a hot mom but doesn’t she seem forever youthful so gravitating towards her adorable nature is a snap! On the small screen, both she and Lauren Graham (Parenthood) have intriguingly depicted flawed yet thoroughly lovable characters, gaining the approval of worldwide audiences.

Lisa Durupt in “Hitched For The Holidays”
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Touted as one of the best romantic Christmas-themed films of 2012, “Hitched For The Holidays” would most certainly be highly watchable and for the fact Lisa Durupt is making an appearance on it. I only just got in contact with Lisa this year and was pleasantly surprised that she’s famed for her work on the quirky series “Less Than Kind” as the lively Shandra. She’s a prime example of why I adore Canadian talents as their attractive qualities go beyond the boundaries of beauty. Lisa has substantiated her ability to be irresistible in comedic roles with a reviewer comparing her to Kristen Bell. From this point forth, she can only get more enthralling!

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