Rising Starlet: Ashton Leigh

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2013 is a brand new year and it’s glorious to have the immensely ravishing femme ASHTON LEIGH heating up this blog! Destined to make a big impact, I’m already in love with BRAND ASHTON LEIGH especially when she acknowledged me as being the sweetest…:) If you’re tuned in to the SyFy Channel, she’s a sizzler as the character Tish in “American Horror House”. This supernatural flick which also stars iconic blonde Morgan Fairchild sees gorgeous pledges learning the insidious truth about their sorority house. As the bitchy Tish, ASHTON effortlessly portrayed the nasty side which of course will come back to haunt her. Let’s just say there’s a brutal comeuppance of the bloody variety! One has to be mindful of the level of attractiveness ASHTON exudes, her exotic features (an alluring mix of Caucasian, Native American, and Mediterranean) is something we don’t mind obsessing over.

Actually her debut role in “Where Strippers Go To Die” would have earmarked her as an indie vixen to covet, evidently saucy without the need to show skin. Hailing from New Orleans, ASHTON’s heavenly features is a cause for affection and the camera magnifies her hotness ever more. She does have several interesting projects lined up such as a supporting role with Eric Roberts in the action thriller called “Jakes Road” and “The Ghost Experiment 3D”. Start visiting the ASHTON LEIGH OFFICIAL SITE and fuel your craving for this luscious ingénue. Even a PG-rated scene of her taking her top off in “Swamp Shark” has garnered more than 100,000 Views on Youtube! She can be the ultimate tease or she can go all out vamp, our pulses race when we’re treated to the wonders of ASHTON LEIGH…:)

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