Rising Starlet: Hannah Bryan

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The enthrallment HANNAH BRYAN can stir is incredibly telling considering she’s 100% foxy with one of the sweetest faces in the industry. “Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies” is the indie horror feature where HANNAH gained a legion of followers who became hooked on her sensuality. Apparently on the DVD extras, a full minute is devoted to a crew member’s fascination with her and while Bill Oberst Jr gives a masterful performance as Abe Lincoln we should not forget how HANNAH visually impacted on viewers. She plays Sophia, the young woman who aids survivors of a zombie epidemic during the Civil War and affirms she has the ability to deal with various emotions onscreen. “Rites Of Spring” is another film where her performance was riveting as Alyssa, the victim of a human sacrificial ritual. Some of her scenes were so intense, she even injured her right shoulder for more than a year after being hung from a rope in the barn. It’s highly commendable how she went to great lengths to make it amazingly realistic.

On an interesting side note, she had an uncredited body double to do her “nude” kill scene in “Rites Of Spring” and while some may earmarked her as a future Scream Queen, Hannah is equally comfortable in different genres. She does change gears in the upcoming drama “Coming From All Sides” which deals with the pressures facing people with financial difficulties which is something that rings true in our daily lives. We already know HANNAH’s ravishing and soon we’ll be awed by an upcoming talent with an excellent range.

2 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Hannah Bryan

  1. Hannah is a very beautiful and talented woman!! She played my daughter in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. I loved working with her and just being around her! Her light shines bright!!

    Baby Norman

  2. Hannah is beautiful, talented, and a powerful presence on screen. She is magnetic to watch. She is especially good in gritty roles that portray her as a survivor. I hope to see her in bigger productions in the future. She has the chops.

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