Canadian Vixen: Kate Drummond

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Enchanting and blessed with charismatic appeal, KATE DRUMMOND is pleasing to the eyes as she’s always been throughout her career. The Season 3 opener of “Being Human” sees her playing Shelley, a quirky psychic who gives advice to were-couple Josh and Nora, aiding in their quest to find their vamp pal Aidan. A performance tinged with light-heartedness, let’s hope she gets a recurring role on the supernatural series that’s evolving into a MONSTER hit, even if it’s a remake of the original UK version. I have to say Kate represents one of the most attractive psychics I’ve ever seen on television and it’s cool to see her given the freedom to craft such a fun character.

Insider News Ahead:

1. She says working with Sam Huntington(Josh) and Kristen Hager (Nora) was absolutely amazing as were the crew who were a joy to be around.

2. For Gamers in the know – She’s Anna Grimsdottir (Grim) in the new Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Check out Gamers for Sandy Hook…

3. On the horizon is the miniseries “Cat.8” where she worked alongside Matthew Modine (Dark Knight, Full Metal Jacket) and the film “The Informant”.

Her Demo reel at the KATE DRUMMOND OFFICIAL SITE is well worth a look, her penetrating loveliness has both an intelligence and sweet aspect to it. Messaging back and forth with her on Facebook has been a joy for KATE is so exceptionally down-to-earth. All signs point to 2013 as being the year she excites the world of TV and Film.

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