Hot Comedienne: Stephanie Allynne


To be effortlessly funny is a true gift and STEPHANIE ALLYNNE is one of the brightest in an era when funny women are considered overwhelmingly sexy. With the advent of Sundance 2013, she can be seen in 2 features, the first being “In A World”, written and directed by Lake Bell. The other is a short titled “K.I.T.” written and directed by Michelle Morgan (Michelle also wrote the Annette Bening, Kristen Wiig feature “Imogene” which is coming out soon). Does it matter there’s no trailers floating around for STEPHANIE is a popular figure on Youtube. Her rendition of Juliet in the webisode “Romeo and Juliet” from the humor-laden web series “Sassy Gay Friend” has gotten well over 6 million hits! As she’s shone on the digital platform, UCB theatre has also been STEPHANIE’s playground, showcasing her masterful style as an improviser.

The past year has also been a big one for her with a string of TV roles on “Up All Night”, “2 Broke Girls”, “Happy Endings”, “Key & Peele”, and “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and recently shot an episode of The Mindy Project set to air in February. She was memorably amusing opposite Eliza Coupe in “Happy Endings” and could very well be gaining Tina Fey-like adoration in the near future. Some more interesting nuggets of info is that she’s toured the U.S. with the great Drew Carey and in January will be performing at the SF Sketchfest. STEPHANIE ALLYNNE is this year’s first Sundance Hottie to be lauded here and because she’s a witty comic, everyone is going to be left enthralled…:)

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