TV Vixens Sizzling Up 2013 Part 1


– On top of acting, she’s a singer/songwriter and has even sung in Japanese
– In “Californication”, the scene of her character giving a handjob spices up the show yet again!
– Starred alongside comedy king Steve Guttenberg in the slasher flick “Cornered!”
– Her innocent yet saucy looks is why I’m so in love with blondes


– One of my favorite actresses on the planet thanks to her constant acknowledgment of my fandom for her
– Giving Hayden’s Juliette Barnes a tight slap as mum Jolene Barnes in “Nashville”
– Has that raw sensuality that’s both sexy and relatable to audiences
– Memorable in every scene she was on in the hit series “Eastbound & Down”

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– Without a doubt, one of the cutest talents on television right now
– Endearing as Ruth, one of the Wrestlerettes in “The Middle”, she’s a must-see!
– She loves being silly, funny and weird. Hence her comedic chops we all enjoy.
– Always mindful of her fans, Grace’s likable personality is genuine and appealing

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– Call her a Living Doll, Mindy exudes foxy glam thanks to her centre-fold beauty
– In “King Of The Nerds”, she’s playing the living Japanime figure Pom Pom Kitty on 3 episodes!
– Her turn as an aspiring porn star on the web series “My Roommate the” is humorous and enticing on so many levels.
– With numerous horror films on her resume, she could very well be a Scream Queen too!


– Lean towards a punk-bohemian style sense which makes her absolutely photogenic
– Played the seductive Kristin on “The Wedding Band” starring alongside Brian Austin Green
– Currently guest-starring on “The New Normal” as the perky Clea, some say reminiscent of Glee princess Rachel Berry
– Seeing how she’s multi-talented, expect her to be enchanting on all forms of media


– There’s a Bette Davis-like quality about her, dangerously beautiful and intriguing
– Appeared on “The Mentalist” as Annabelle Sugalski, an associate of a sought-after criminal.
– A fashion model, Nicole LaLiberte is the Face of Christian Siriano
– Besides TV Land, she’ll be intoxicating on film in the revenge thriller “Girls Against Boys”

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– Svelte and Stunning, she rightly belongs in the category we so often called Vixens
– Is the epitome of TV Goddesses having been enchanted audiences on more than 10 hit shows
– Has the elegance and eloquence of a screen siren.
– Set to appear in “Curse Of Chucky”, the new installment of the killer doll franchise

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