Asian Vixen: Aoni Ma

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Actress and Martial Artiste AONI MA is an all-round captivator, potently beguiling and equipped with the pugilistic skills to rouse your senses. If you’ve seen the myriad of photos floating around the web, AONI has the perfectly svelte body and killer looks (as cliché as that may sound). It’s appropriate to showcase the sexy AONI since we are after all in the throes of Chinese New Year 2013 and in the celebratory mood for admiring Asian hotties. After watching her in the intense Spike Tv Scream Awards Promo 2009 which she headlined with Caity Lotz (who is a fav of mine), I’m instantly drawn to AONI’s prowess on camera. Having gone on a FitBox cum martial arts training at Zen Martial Arts recently, stunt women such as AONI really make it look so easy when in fact it’s really punishing for you. The best part of it all is they are so beautiful and elegant when executing those dynamite moves. Check out this site : to see her wielding a long blade and exuding sensuality from every pore.

In an interview, she talks about telling stories though body movements be it if is in a photo, feature film or even dancing in a music video. Soon you’ll be able to catch her in “Project Purgatory Beijing”, a Zombie Apocalypse horror tale with elements of gaming thrown into the kick-ass mix. AONI is a natural for the high-energy themes and ideal playing Grave, the cold, bitchy assassin. This is one Action Diva we could get attached to for quite some time. Thanks to AONI, don’t forget to visit another amazing actioner full of girls killing zombies and endless fun for fans of the Walking Dead!

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