Ravishing Redhead: Lauren Nash

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Red is the color of love and LAUREN NASH is a red-hot talent who is set to garner a passionate following with her incredibly desirable assets. From her pneumatic curves to her glamorous features, she can be quite the tease and we admit it’s having a magical spell on us all. I dare say her tempting pics (above) can easily give “Mad Men” starlet Christina Hendricks a run for her money. Indeed her turn as a raunchy red-head named Ruby in the comedy “Heterosexual Jill” should garner her solid attention as she did before on the TV Series “Chemistry” when she had rather steamy scenes. Lauren also had the priceless moment when her character Jackie uttered “I was hoping we could have a FOURSOME!” She’s also on the road to success having guest-starred in JJ Abrams show, “Revolution” and will appear in CUT! about a pair of filmmakers who decide that horror masterpieces only happen when the people on camera are killed for real! It’s great to know she’s a huge horror fan and would be so ideal as an upcoming Scream Queen.

In an interview, she sees herself as continuing to be part of memorable projects and thus far, LAUREN has done extensively to suggest she’s one to remember fondly. It is Valentine’s Day so a show of adulation for LAUREN is in the offing especially when she is Fantasy Girl Material. Bewitching from head to toe, there’s going to be a slew of viewers who can’t wait to feast their eyes on someone as infinitely stunning as LAUREN NASH.

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