Blonde Bombshell: Christina Moore

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One of the biggest stars on television, CHRISTINA MOORE has left an indelible impression thanks to her impressive comedic and dramatic work. Think of every hit show you’ve ever watched and CHRISTINA has regularly given us a reason to be addicted to her. From her early days on MADTV when her uncanny impressions of Christina Aguilera and Shannon Elizabeth got her noticed, she’s gone on to sizzle up “That 70’s Show”, “Hawthorne”, “True Blood” and of course “90210. Her recurring role on “90210” as Tracy Bennett, the sexy mum of daughter Naomi Bennett (AnnaLynne McCord) has often been described as a Beverly Hills MILF with a mischievous edge. She did return for the new season recently to spice up the episode “Misery Loves Company”. If you needed more proof of her credentials as an entertainment vixen, check out her hot pics on Maxim here:

CHRISTINA was also a scene-stealer opposite Demi Lovato in “Sonny With A Chance”, emulating her qualities as a seasoned comedienne with such whimsical humor. This is one lady who looks so delectable on camera yet enchants us as a humorist with many flavors. Watch out for her in the upcoming dramedy “Sperm Donor” with veteran Alan Thicke. In addition to her being so fascinating on TV as well as film, she’s so down to earth, delighting me and her legion of fans everywhere. A hot property on every medium she’s been in, CHRISTINA is naturally one of the most coveted actresses of our era.

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