Euro Vixen: Lidia Vitale

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LIDIA VITALE is the epitome of a Screen Goddess known for being one of the most sensual women to have captivated audiences in Italy, the US and around the globe. With Italy being a Dream Destination of mine, the very alluring and classy LIDIA just made my decision that much easier. I would be gushing if I got the chance to meet LIDIA who is an absolute Bella. Back in 2009 in the romantic thriller “La Doppia Ora” aka The Double Hour, she played one of the lovers of a man who resorts to speed dating to find sexual partners. She did flaunt her luscious body in a rather steamy scene with the lead actor and showed the world her enigmatic comeliness even though it was a supporting role. It’s significant in this day how effortless LIDIA can project such a tempting facade and in the US, she is fondly remembered for her one woman show “Solo Anna”, a characterization of the legendary actress Anna Magnani. She proved to be a creative force on stage, bringing lots of fun, humor and a touching performance. If you’ve watched her reels (above), she’s replicated all that whenever she takes to the screen, every bit the professional taking our breaths away!

Enough reason then to visit the LIDIA VITALE OFFICIAL SITE and lead any reader on his or her way to appreciating this wonderful Roman Leading Lady. She does have the best of two worlds, able to shuttle between English and Italian-speaking roles, her attractiveness very much stems from her sincerity in the features she’s done over the years. Soon you may find LIDIA joining the likes of Loren and Bellucci, distinguished European talents with the undeniable Sex Appeal.

One thought on “Euro Vixen: Lidia Vitale

  1. Lidia Vitale, is one of a few in the world who has the gift, when it come’s to acting. every thing come’s out real

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