Ravishing Redhead: Jamie Rose

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One of the foxiest ladies in the industry, JAMIE ROSE remains a popular figure and her charms resonates with everyone who has seen her perform. Those in York, Pennsylvania would be making their way for screenings of the comedy “Route 30, Too!” which JAMIE stars alongside Beth Behrs from “2 Broke Girls”. She plays Dot, Alien Hunter in “Route 30, Too!” which has been called weirdly entertaining with an out of this world storyline. Gathering responsive buzz for its funny spin on local Pennsylvanian folklore such as the White Woman, extraterrestrials and even Bigfoot, this is an indie gem for all walks of life. Adding to the paranormal fun is Jamie who as DOT, one half of the husband and wife alien chasing team dazzles as she has done so throughout her illustrious career. Lauded for her work on prime-time hit series “Falcon Crest” as Vickie Gioberti, she’s been eye-catching with sustained distinction on TV.

Memorable on “Two And A Half Men” largely thanks to her perceptible hint of cleavage in the episode “Fish in a Drawer” (above), one cannot help but be entranced by her everlasting allurement and when it comes to comedy, she’s a natural. Kudos to Jamie for playing to her strengths i.e. her voluptuous beauty which is vastly appreciated by her followers. With her being more than capable at delivering the laughs, there’s an extra turn on. Her passion for dancing and writing also gives her a multi-dimensional appeal. Just came to the realization besides “Californication”, “Two And A Half Men” seems to have a fair share of compelling women who know how to elevate all of our senses. JAMIE definitely belongs in this category of screen hotties who delight us every which way…:)

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