Canadian Vixen: Patricia Isaac

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Once more I’m humbled by the presence of another big star on the ascendancy and she is the vivacious Patricia Isaac who is strikingly luscious on “Republic Of Doyle”. She also has the distinction of being on two fascinating shows which also includes the new series “Motive” alongside Kristin Lehman and Lauren Holly. In “Motive”, she’s all business-like as crown prosecutor Donna Rivers while her stint on “Republic Of Doyle” has seen her stirring mischief for private eye Jake Doyle. We all love the playful aspects in a lady and as Constable Monica Hayward, PATRICIA is so enchanting when she’s being an irritant to our hero Doyle. In episode 6 of Season 4 aptly named “Retribution”, she gets her comeuppance when she gets blindsided by a female art thief. Plus she gets all tied up and left hanging in her lingerie no less which no doubt will spark lots of adulation. In an interview, PATRICIA reckons she had a fun time on set and was even actively involved in a lot of the action scenes.

Known for her polite charm, being one of her supporters from half way around the world is me being drawn to her vivid beauty. It’s obvious from the PATRICIA ISAAC OFFICIAL SITE, her East-Indian heritage makes her resplendently alluring. She’s set to be a much-adored fixture on television and with good reason. An experiential performer who is also active on the indie scene, PATRICIA’s entry into fame has started rather swiftly.

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