Blonde Bombshell: Tracy Carr

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We can’t stop gushing about the sexiest women in entertainment and TRACY CARR is a heavenly cutie with loads of sex appeal. Her natural curves are so coveted, she sizzles as a Pin-Up Model as her pics prove: I also love her creative aptitude, collaborating with her best friend Marlene Mc’Cohen (whom I’ve featured before) with both being founders of the Production company: “848 Productions”. Her mantra is: “I think a day without inspiration is a day wasted…and you can find inspiration in the smallest of things…you just have to keep your eyes open and never stop looking.” Already we get the impression she’s a woman of substance having been constistently writing, producing and even choreographing dance moves. Blowing the stereotype of being just a one-dimensional beauty out of the water, TRACY is proving her worth in a myriad of pursuits.

She recently did a few commercials for A Gun Holster manufacturer putting her captivating features to good use. She’s also modeled all over the world including the beautiful city of Paris in France. Check out: and be awed by the sheer authenticity of her bewitchery. In a time of prevalent plastic surgery, TRACY hasn’t had any done which means she’s a genuine knockout. Onscreen she’s a Sex Bomb having tantalized viewers in the indie horror flick “Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman”. With a dozen projects coming up, this multi-talented starlet with an impeccably lovable personality is coming up trumps…:)

Remember to connect with her here:



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