Foxy Femme: Annunziata Gianzero

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TV has become the domain of gorgeous, talented women and ANNUNZIATA GIANZERO has a mesmeric loveliness that can be described as flawless on the small screen. Being the versatile actress that she is, ANNUNZIATA dispensed with her undeniably beautiful features by appearing as Dawn The Methhead in Season 5 of “Southland”. On the episode “Heat”, she does sport a bloodied face as she gets interrogated by Ben McKenzie on the returning police drama many have called ruthlessly hard-hitting! She did however had fun on the set giving a nod to the director who in her opinion was truly a dream to work with. ANNUNZIATA has the alluring exterior that carries a charming mystique and has seen her sizzling up multiple forms of media.

At ITVFest 2012, she was nominated for Best Actress for the Drama “Battery Pack” starring as a corrupt cop, skillfully traversing the emotional baggage as a principal in the web series. ANNUNZIATA’s adaptability to appear as varying personas from evil witch to a female boxer has helped in establishing her as an award-winning actress. Start following her work and drop by the Annunziata Gianzero OFFICIAL SITE where she readily admits her chameleon-like uniqueness. I would love to do an interview with her in the near future to get more acquainted with her blossoming career and it won’t be long before she’s hitting the big time.

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