Rising Starlet: Fiona Ryan

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Irish eyes are indeed smiling when FIONA RYAN takes to the screen, her delectable beauty so compelling and easy on the eyes. I have to say thanks to FIONA for reminding me of her hotness just a day ago on Facebook! She absolutely merits a feature spot for being one of the most ravishing sweethearts to emerge from Ireland. Hit series “The Tudors” was when we were introduced to her doe-like loveliness, in Irish-Gaelic terms one would praise FIONA with the word ‘Tegan’ which means mighty fine. Certainly in the corset which was so prevalent in the 15th century, she was distinctly enchanting as Jane, love interest of composer Thomas Tallis. While her fellow thesp Katie McGrath is now globally revered as Morgana on “Merlin” (the TV series I’m currently following earnestly), there’s a huge probability FIONA herself could be big on both sides of the pond (UK & the US).

She was in the supernatural thriller ‘Airborne’ in July last year where she appeared alongside ‘Mr Skywalker’ Mark Hamill and Gemma Atkinson. She also dazzled in ‘Life Just Is’, the existential drama of relationships, death and careers! Delving into different emotions as Claire, an art graduate who is all perky until a tragedy strikes close to her heart, FIONA gave a thought-provoking performance. It’s all in the eyes some may say and FIONA does ever so well to draw us into her world of storytelling. I’m so excited for what she’s going to do next and everyone should be as well for MISS FIONA RYAN is fetchingly divine!

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