Canadian Vixen: Andrea Drepaul

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ANDREA DEPAUL is one ravishing cutie we’ll be gushing about with vociferous passion. The olive toned actress of Portuguese and Guyanese descent is immensely appealing and if there’s an inclination towards her stunning facets, it would be so appropriate. She can be seen in “The Boy Who Smells Like Fish” at the Miami International Film Festival 2013 which has just kicked off. There’s some unique and heavenly faces in this dramedy namely Zoë Kravitz, Adriana Gil and of course ANDREA who each have their merits for such a quirky feature.

Here’s a snippet from ANDREA herself about “The Boy Who Smells Like Fish:
“This project was a project I really enjoyed working on. Its a Dark comedy that touches on the issues of what its like to be “different” and how society perceives the people who sometimes struggle with it. My character Denise has a nervous issue…. thats the best I can say without giving it away. The crew and cast were so lovely. The hired character actors and I learned a lot from them. The scenes are actually so funny that while we were shooting, the cast and crew would break out laughing and then we would have to reshoot it.”

ANDREA has also been prevalent on television, appearing in a number of hit shows such as “Beauty and The Beast”, “Covert Affairs” and “The Firm”. The camera absolutely loves ANDREA and there will be a succession of viewers quick to extol her attractively exotic traits.

Here’s more scoop from ANDREA on the work she’s done in all 3 shows:

“I live in Toronto, so working here is great, very convenient. Beauty and The Beast is the best set and cast to be on. As being part of an ensemble cast in this particular episode we were all so pleasantly surprised as to how well we got along while the cameras were not rolling. I was working directly with Kristen Kreuk, Nicole Anderson, Nicole Steinwendell and Rachel Skarsten. We had such great chemistry and we genuinely all liked each other I think that really worked to our benefit while we were shooting our scenes.”

“I really enjoy working on American productions because I get the opportunity to work with actors I wouldn’t normally get a chance to work with. Toronto has a small community of working actors. That means you often times work with the same people on different productions They bring in american actors to work on these US productions and I just benefit as an actor from working with them. When I did Covert Affairs I worked closely with Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) and he was so lovely. He gave me some great advice and was so professional and courteous. Probably one of the nicest actors I have had the pleasure of working with.

“The most star struck I have been on set was working with Callum Keith Rennie on The Firm. I am a big fan of his work. So I was very nervous to work with him. He intuitively sensed that i was nervous so we rehearsed our material for 30 mins before we shot it. He was very kind.”

ANDREA has also worked on a web series called “Off 2 Kali” where she plays Sabrina in the episode called “I think I know you”. She’s ever so comfortable in the comedy genre and we can’t wait to see more. Being photogenic, she shot a series of pics with the Amazing Director/Photographer TJ Scott (from Spartacus). He is actually creating a coffee table book called “In The Tub” which will feature potraits of Actors/Singers/Artists with a common them of being “In the Tub” The book will be published late May and be available for purchase in stores in North America as well as online at Amazon. The profits of the book are being donated to Breast cancer research and ANDREA is very excited to be part of this charitable project. With her being visible on so many platforms, ANDREA is going to be sought after in no time!

So start connecting with her on these social media channels:

Facebook Fan Page :
Instagram: @AndreaDrepaul

I’m looking forward to getting her autograph which she has so kindly promised to send…:)

One thought on “Canadian Vixen: Andrea Drepaul

  1. I have known Andrea for a long time, I am glad to see she is having success in the entertainment business.
    Vixen yes in deed lol, I had the biggest crush when we were kids lol.
    Good luck in the future Andrea.

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