Rising Starlet: Parisa Fakhri

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Undeniably beautiful with an effusive exotic appeal, PARISA FAKHRI warrants an outpouring of fondness no matter where we spot her. Many will be able to display their affection since she’s actually at SXSW promoting her film “Good Night” which is yet another interesting take on mortality. This tells the shifting of emotions at a birthday party after a revelation of a possible demise from the birthday girl herself. While Parisa has been active on TV, appearing in popular shows such as “Suburgatory”, “Make It Or Break It” and “Castle”, she’s just as admirable on the indie scene as well as on the web. That’s 3 platforms where viewers can appreciate the wonders of the vivacious PARISA. Add to that, she has been the voice behind Bra/Bulla in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

Of Iranian descent, Dallas native PARISA has a luminosity about her, what with her olive skin being so fetching. Onscreen, she can be subtle and she can also be engagingly forthright which bodes well for her future ahead in the industry. Count ourselves lucky to see the fantastic women such as PARISA being unveiled to adoring eyes at film festivals around the world and I can only hope this would happen in Asia soon. Meanwhile let’s appreciate what she has given us via the roles she has essayed so pleasingly…:)

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