Canadian Vixen: Romina D’Ugo

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Call her one of the most ravishing women on this planet and ROMINA D’UGO would fall in the category of beauties to be idolized. The Toronto-born actress is a Goddess thanks in part to her Italian heritage and she also has some serious talents, making her an all-round sizzler. ROMINA can certainly do it all whether as a singer, actress and even dancer where she was in the top 20 dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”. One of the accolades bestowed upon her was her Gemini nomination in 2011 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series. It was for her leading role as Zoe, a struggling dancer looking to become a star in “Turn The Beat Around” with David Giuntoli who we all know has achieved fame on the hit series “Grimm”. If you needed any more proof of how enticing she can be, watch ROMINA as the thief Natalie Hurst on the latest season of “Republic Of Doyle”. It’s a performance that’s both saucily eye-catching and peppered with an audacious cheekiness.

As the foxy robber/killer Natalie, ROMINA does play the seductive card effortlessly and gave the men on “Republic Of Doyle” quite the run-around. As the femme fatale on the series, ROMINA has mentioned that apparently the publishers for the French Curriculum text books across Canada think she’s appropriate to be featured in one of the chapters of the book. Now students across Canada will have to read about her career as part of the curriculum…wow! It’s no coincidence that the more you watch ROMINA the more you’ll be yearning for her, the bewitching effect she has on viewers is without question. This is one striking hottie with maximum sex appeal!

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