Rising Starlet: Shevaun Kastl

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Captivating with a Capital “C”, SHEVAUN KASTL has certifiably pleasing yet insanely gorgeous features, reflective of her enchanting nature. Her appeal is one of growth, reeling us in with absolute sweetness and one that extends beyond the screen. Recognizable for being on hit shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “Revenge” where she first came to my attention, SHEVAUN is natural in her delivery of the nuances no matter how small in the characters she has played. She did inform me that Mike Kelley, the Creator of “Revenge” is like family to her and the director Bobby Roth of the episode “Justice” are great friends. Watch for more developments as she will be working together with Bobby again soon. She’s also been collaborating with the ever-present actor Robert Knepper of “Prison Break” fame, Mr T-Bag himself in the short film “The Mourning Hour” and before that in “Heroes”. “The Mourning Hour” captures the chronicles a woman’s journey to discover her place in the world. Set in rural, 1950’s America, SHEVAUN has the looks and the grace to represent the delicately emotive role of a housewife seeking answers in her life.

Seeing how she is also the producer/writer, the content of the film is inspired from areas in her personal life and that usually means a very realistic take on things. SHEVAUN did however encountered tragedy in her life recently but I admire greatly her spirit to continue shining brightly in her craft. In terms of personality, she has her feet firmly planted on the ground which means our devotion to her is set to grow even more. The Girl To Watch in 2013; That’s one accolade SHEVAUN would be in line to achieve…:)

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