Latin Vixen: Yvette Yates

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Brainy, beautiful and unquestionably stunning, YVETTE YATES is adept at steaming up the screen as she is beguiling us off it. The accolades also keep coming for this luscious Hispanic actress who has firmly entrenched herself into the hearts of viewers. From a string of high profile roles to being called hotter than Megan Fox by the man on the street, YVETTE is en route to a period of sustained fame. She will be starring in the upcoming revenge thriller “In The Blood” alongside mixed martial artist Gina Carano and Danny Trejo as well as in the drama “Free Ride” with Anna Paquin. But before that, she is making a splash in two new horror features which has some of the sexiest women ever assembled. In “Sorority Party Massacre”, Yvette takes on the persona of ballbuster Sloan who is the dominatrix among the 5 girls competing in a competition to win a grant. There’s also the foxy Marissa Skell and Eve Mauro, both of whom have already made their presence felt in varying forms of media and on my blog. Certainly, YVETTE will do likewise and remind everyone of her hypnotic allure.

Next up is “The Red House” where in this one, psychological horror is more apparent as a young woman invites her friends to her inherited home only to encounter madness and a sadistic murderer. Expectedly the red in the movie’s title refers to the copious amount of blood that will be shed and this is another thrilling flick that has YVETTE in captivating mode. It’s endearing to know she also advocates the importance of education within the craft of acting, imploring those around her to learn as much as they can. Her moment in the spotlight is now and she could soon be the IT Girl of her generation.

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