Rising Starlet: Elinor Crawley

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Yet again another hottie in the ethereal form of ELINOR CRAWLEY makes her maiden appearance on “Vikings” and she does have comely features many will take a liking to. ELINOR plays Thyri, the daughter of Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne), a high-ranking and ruthless Viking leader who is at odds with ambitious Ragnar Lothbrok. We soon learn Thryi is betrothed to a man old enough to be her grandfather! Expect ELINOR to become a regular on “Vikings” and she’s also about to dazzle in another costume drama series called “The White Queen” only this time as a princess in feudal England. Women are this time the centerpiece as these are episodic tales of their quest for power….mighty interesting indeed!

ELINOR does have a delectable adorableness and having indicated both her interest to be featured as well as the greatness of my blog, I can only advocate her pleasantly affable attributes. She may not have been the first Welsh actress to be lauded here (she’s from Cardiff) but rest assured she can take our breath away with her angelic cuteness. While the first few episodes of “Vikings” herald the showcase of Canadian Vixens, the next few will see the emergence of actresdes from the UK who should soon get their set of devoted fans. ELINOR looks best placed to blossom into a TV Sweetheart.

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