Quirky Saucy: Minni Jo Mazzola

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Standout stunners are constantly celebrated on the Actress Obession Blog and the visually alluring MINNI JO MAZZOLA can definitely spark a healthy devotion. Famed for her role as Natalie Ludgate, sister of April Ludgate played by Aubrey Plaza on “Parks and Recreation”, she caught the eye even if her character spots a dour demeanor. One can tell there’s a unique physical attractiveness about MINNI, a rock star temptress who will never fail to stir our senses. She can be seen doing just that on the new sitcom “Second Shot” premiering on April 5th. As Ty, a street smart girl who bats for the same side, her fashion sense is as beguiling as her surliness on this witty show. Love that starlets such as MINNI and her peers (think Krysten Ritter) are reeling us in with their captive beauty.

Being multi-talented, MINNI has some powerful pipes which has seen a fan on Youtube even calling her the female version of Morrissey, the former Smiths frontman! Her musical skills even extend to her abilities to play the flute, guitar and bass as well as appearing as a video vixen. She’s also a trained ballet, modern, and jazz dancer. Enthrallment is something MINNI can muster on consistently prompting us to readily await her next desirable appearance. She’s just informed me that she’s in a metal band! WOOT! Check it out: www.mirden.com

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