Rising Starlet: Ava Brunini

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Rest assured that on the independent scene, there’s a bevy of up and comers such as the stunning AVA BRUNINI who exudes such an enticing persona. She stars in the newest slasher called “Into The Woods” which is survival horror set in the outskirts of LA and chances are AVA may just be the Final Girl! A natural at projecting the captivating facets required, she’s a dream girl in our eyes. It’s also great to see her plying her trade in interesting genres such as those of the terror persuasion.

In the sci-fi horror flick “Solid State”, AVA rubs shoulders with esteemed Scream Queens Debbie Rochon and Suzi Lorraine. There’s zombies and mayhem as an American Rock Band encounters a meteor which is the source of chaos in this tongue-in-cheek satire. AVA’s character Cynthia is a cross between a saucy cowgirl and hippie chick, pulling off the look with consummate ease. In fact, she’s been lauded as being notably beautiful onscreen by Miss Suzi Lorraine herself and we couldn’t agree more. AVA also into the thick of the action and who doesn’t want to see a very hot girls with huge guns shooting them zombies! Check out the cool video (above) of both AVA and DEBBIE in a first-person-shooter sequence…:) AVA could herself be heading towards fame as a blossoming Scream Queen and we’ll be there to watch it happen.

One thought on “Rising Starlet: Ava Brunini

  1. Ava is one of the top 3 most beautiful women in Hollywood. As far as I am concerned she is the most beautiful (I am not a male groupie) Would love to see her in more movies

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