Hotties On Film and DVD – Apr 27th

Today April 27th is my birthday so why not celebrate this momentous occasion by featuring some of the most enchanting women to grace the DVD & Film Worlds. Who knows I might just be watching one of their films on DVD at the Birthday Party!

1.Rae Latt in “Blood Type: Unknown”

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– Thanks to the enchanting Miss Rae, I’ve got a look at her intriguingly poised upcoming feature “Blood Type:Unknown” which has an interesting mystique surrounding the plot.
– The film is screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2013 and she plays Jean Landale, a mom who has to send her only daughter off to college!
– Known for her roles on TV in “Criminal Minds” and “The Office”, she’s currently amassing an impressive body of work on the indie scene.

2. Megan Duffy in “Maniac”

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– Her memorable performance in “Maniac” as Lucie, one of the early victims of Psychopath Frank (Elijah Wood) is delightfully saucy.
– So is her photoshoot for (above) in her sexy kitty-like costume that fits her fun personality to a tee.
– She exudes a charismatic foxiness that certifies her as a bonafide screen vixen.

3. Sarah Deakins in “The Mark”

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– Sarah was one of the first actresses from Canada I got to know when i first started out the blog and you can see why so many will be obsess with her.
– Exceptional beautiful on film, television and print, she’s also built a adoring fan-base thanks to her stints on popular sci-fi TV shows such as Stargate.
– Her ability to reach people and get them involve in the story is amazing so catch her at her beguiling best in action thriller “The Mark” which has been released on DVD.

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