Sizzling Cutie: Meredith Thomas

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When we say we are hypnotized by our lovelies onscreen, MEREDITH THOMAS would be admired as being one to take note of. I have to say “Flying Eyebrows” are going to be the next big thing since Emilia Clarke (who plays Daenerys Targaryen on “Game Of Thrones”) has consistently made a fashion statement with them. Likewise, MEREDITH has some seductive ones herself and she could just as easily be our obsession for MEREDITH is a sweetheart through and through. Her smile alone can send pulses racing, readily infectious and a clear glimmer of vivaciousness most will find to be attractive. Most recently she starred as a psychologist named Bonnie in “Camp”, being the listening ear to the kids at Summer Camp. She was also in “Shark Week” with acting veteran Yancy Butler and while she’s also known as a comedian, MEREDITH is a dazzler no matter the genre.

Check out the MEREDITH THOMAS OFFICIAL WEBSITE and it’s obvious from her photos, MEREDITH is incredibly photogenic! There is a shot of her in the guise of a Sexy Librarian (i urge you to find it) and her playfulness on the pic shimmers lusciously. It’s no wonder she can be seen in a wave of commercials such as those for Audi, Kia and Taco Bell. It’s time to acknowledge MEREDITH as a bewitching face to be coveted.

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