Rising Starlet: Lilan Bowden

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LILAN BOWDEN is undeniably cute with the Capital “C” and has that lovably, infectious appeal warranting praise from everyone who’s in contact with her. There’s an endearing quirkiness about her and it’s so enamoring, I’m in awe of her pixie daintiness. While she’s done her fair share of improv, LILAN is steadily blossoming on the independent arena. Because of the number of zombie flicks that LILAN has starred in, I think it’s time she should be cast on “The Walking Dead”. Besides the SyFy feature “Zombie Apocalypse” which she starred with Taryn Manning, she also dazzled in “Nazis at the Center of the Earth” and “Rise Of The Zombies”. In “Zombie Apocalypse”, she played Myrah, an archer with a penchant for shooting zombies which I’m betting was tons of fun to embody.

Many are also commenting she’s due for a big role soon and LILAN will be so very memorable when it happens! It’s incredible to see just how much sweetness is etched on her gorgeous face, a selling point of hers among the many talents she already has. LILAN does remind us a great deal of Rachel Bilson, the similarly sexy grin tellingly exhibited by LILAN is captivatingly precious. We dudes don’t know how lucky we are when we are able to celebrate the comely ingénue that is Miss LILAN BOWDEN…:)

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