Cannes Film Festival 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Hollis Witherspoon

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HOLLIS WITHERSPOON is certainly an upcoming talent to be excited about, more so since she stars in “One Last Time” which screens at the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival 2013. What we can envision that it’s not just the high profile flicks getting all the attention as there’s an ever growing pool of short films deserving of recognition. By virtue of this so shall the actresses in them be looked upon as noteworthy talents. With her attractively, large eyes which I’ve come to know as being called neotenous features (a characteristic of youth), HOLLIS projects a lasting and young appeal onscreen. Although her role in “One Last Time” rides on a nonchalant flirtiness, she’s spot on with the mannerisms. This is achieved in part to the formulation of her character by constantly observing the traits of people around her. She rates Parkey Posey highly who is incidentally one of my idols.

She also once said in an interview that the biggest allure of acting for her is in the challenge. It’s never easy getting under the skin of an intended character for any actress and yet HOLLIS has gamely delivered as authentic a work as she has so often done. She’s also been active on the theatre scene with acclaim as a member of the Old Kent Road Theatre. She does have an innate fearlessness allowing her to explore different psyches. Watch for her to shine even more in the coming months!

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