Stunning Starlets at Cannes 2013

CANNES is in full swing and adorned with beautiful women from all over the world! Let’s celebrate these lovely ladies who are carving a piece of history as well as exciting viewers with their stirring roles and bewitching beauty.

1.Sonja O’ Hara in “Town Red”


– What better than to celebrate the zombie short film “Town Red” and the talented Sonja O’ Hara who is going to be talked about after the screening at Cannes.
– Onscreen, she’s a spunky actress with the hint of mystique that’s a little cheeky and yet one that can get to be an addiction in a hurry.
– This is the second time one of her films will be screening at Cannes which augurs well for the ravishing redhead with a very bright future.

2. Lindsay Hightower in “The Inflicted”


– She stars in “The Inflicted” as Melissa Daniels who is impregnated by a rapist/serial killer and after her escape from his clutches is targeted by the sadistic “baby’s daddy”.
– Her multiple talents as a singer, actress and model makes this stunning blonde bombshell an all-rounder when it comes to enchanting a range of audiences.
– Sizzling up the indie world, Lindsay is blossoming with every role she’s undertaking so expect to hear more from her in 2013.

3. Anne Bergstedt Jordanova in “Blood Ties”


– With her supporting role as a hooker in “Blood Ties” alongside Clive Owen and Marion Cotillard, she could very well be making an impression and entice us all.
– Burst into the scene on TV’s Boardwalk Empire and she exhibited her foxy charms effortlessly with every episode.
– One can affirm, this Swedish hottie exudes the right kind of mesmeric sexiness with consumate ease.

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